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If you’re in search of the causes behind your yellow teeth, you have come to the right blog! You’re also on your way to a whiter and brighter smile. If you don’t determine the underlying cause of your stains and you don’t stop it, whitening treatments and techniques will not provide the results you’re looking for. So, our dentist, Dr. Barry Sorenson, will be happy to help you by listing the culprits behind staining.

The first culprit is your diet. If you consume foods and drinks that can stain the tooth enamel, then having yellow teeth is inevitable. Some tooth-staining products include red wine, curry sauce, soda, tomato sauce, and dark berries. If the product can stain fabric, it can stain teeth. It’s best to avoid these products or immediately brush or rinse after consuming them. You can also drink the tooth-staining beverages through a straw.

The second culprit is smoking. Smoking is one of the major causes of tooth discoloration, and the only way to prevent yellow teeth is to quit the habit. After you quit, it’s best to keep up on oral hygiene, use over-the-counter whitening toothpaste and mouthwash, and consider a professional whitening treatment.

The third cause is illness. Certain medical conditions and medications tend to cause yellow teeth. This is especially true for patients who are undergoing chemotherapy and for people who take medication for asthma and high blood pressure. Talk to your dentist and doctor about the best ways to prevent yellow teeth.

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