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If you have a damaged or flawed tooth and need to receive a dental restoration to improve its quality, you may find that the benefits of CEREC technology offer just what you need. CEREC technology is a system that offers same-day dental care for damaged or unflattering teeth and uses the highest quality materials to craft these restorations. We have provided a review of the purpose and uses of CEREC technology to help you know how it can benefit your smile.

While traditional approaches to dentistry often require weeks of waiting and the use of temporary dental crowns while permanent restorations are made, CEREC technology enables our team to provide custom-made restorations in just a single visit. Because we mill your permanent crown on site, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that you can receive a dental restoration when you need it and without delay.

We can also provide CEREC dental fillings for mild to moderate tooth decay or cracked teeth. These same-day dental fillings can eradicate tooth decay and enhance the strength of your tooth for years to come. We are pleased to offer ceramic dental fillings that blend in with the color of your tooth and can be more durable than most composite fillings.

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