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Unfortunately for orthodontics patients, nuts, candy canes, and caramel seem to permeate the holiday treat scene–and none can be eaten with braces. But there are still lots of delicious foods to eat–especially if you make your own! Here are some braces-friendly holiday goodies you can make yourself with ease.

Fudge: Fudge is a quintessential treat for the holiday season, and it is conveniently easy to make your own. Chocolate fudge without nuts or caramel is delicious and simple, but will please the braces-wearers in your life (including you!). To make different flavors, extracts are handy. For example, to make braces-friendly peppermint fudge, use peppermint extract instead of candy canes. Or, use almond or walnut extract in a white or dark chocolate fudge. If you don’t have extracts on hand, try making a smooth peanut butter fudge. Both methods prevent nut pieces from getting stuck in your braces and injuring your teeth, gums, or braces hardware.

Soft cookies: While some cookies aren’t a good option for you this year, soft cookies are still a great option to satisfy those sweet cravings! Remember– avoid nut pieces, caramel, and candy cane pieces. Try soft gingerbread, brownies, or blondies. Just think–decorating soft sugar cookies could be a new holiday tradition!

Pie: Pie is typically a great option for teeth with braces! Two strong exceptions to this rule are pecan pie and sticky caramel apple. But don’t worry! Cream, fruit, or custard pies are all good ideas for a braces-friendly dessert that everyone will love. Try a lemon meringue, or mixed berry pie, or the classic pumpkin pie.

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