Saving Your Smile: Healthy/Unhealthy Foods

Although we often are made aware of unhealthy foods to eat and other unhealthy drinks that can slowly destroy our smile. Several substances within foods and drinks we consume can cause oral accidents or injuries to arise, and in many cases, even slowly wear away your tooth enamel. However, it... Read more »

Learning More About Bruxism

Nobody ever said caring for your smile was going to be easy. However, there are several things you can do to help limit the risk of dental damage. Having an effective oral hygiene routine in place as well as oral accident prevention plans provides a good one-two punch for knocking... Read more »

A Basic Dental Filling Can Treat a Cavity

Having a dental check-up performed by a dentist twice each year is essential for maintaining a healthy mouth. Each of these appointments starts with a thorough dental cleaning, followed by a comprehensive dental exam. If you notice something abnormal with one of your teeth in between your regularly scheduled dental... Read more »

What Is CEREC and What Does It Do?

If you have a damaged or flawed tooth and need to receive a dental restoration to improve its quality, you may find that the benefits of CEREC technology offer just what you need. CEREC technology is a system that offers same-day dental care for damaged or unflattering teeth and uses... Read more »

You Should Always Look for the American Dental Association Seal on Your Oral Care Products

The American Dental Association’s goal is to help individuals and families maintain strong teeth and a healthy mouth. This includes a series of recommendations, guidelines, and informational tools. This starts with advising you to thoroughly brush your teeth each morning and night with a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoridated toothpaste. You... Read more »

Signs That Your Gums Need Treatment For Disease

Periodontal disease is also frequently called gum disease and is a gum tissue infection that can also affect the bones surrounding your teeth. A gum infection can be caused by germs and bacteria produced by plaque buildup, which irritates your gums and create many dental health problems in your smile.... Read more »

We Can Restore Your Tooth With a Dental Crown in One Simple Appointment

Are you tired of waiting weeks or months for a dental crown? If so, our dentist, Dr. Barry Sorenson, has some good news for you! You don’t have to wait any longer. Our office now has CEREC®, which is a high-tech machine that can create your dental crown within one... Read more »

Enjoy Your Smile Thanks to Tooth Hazard Treatments

  In order to ensure your smile can thrive for the rest of your life, it is always a good idea to have a tooth hazard prevention plan in place. This can make sure that dental damage does not occur to your teeth and if it does, that you will... Read more »

Braces-Friendly Holiday Treats

Unfortunately for orthodontics patients, nuts, candy canes, and caramel seem to permeate the holiday treat scene--and none can be eaten with braces. But there are still lots of delicious foods to eat--especially if you make your own! Here are some braces-friendly holiday goodies you can make yourself with ease. Fudge:... Read more »

Keep Your Orthodontic Treatment on Schedule with Proper Dental Hygiene

Orthodontic treatment from Salina Creek Dental is designed to realign your smile as quickly and efficiently as possible, but proper dental hygiene goes a long way in improving your experience. If you have received braces or another immovable orthodontic appliance, Dr. Barry Sorenson offers professional dental cleaning tips. Tooth decay... Read more »