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Orthodontic treatment from Salina Creek Dental is designed to realign your smile as quickly and efficiently as possible, but proper dental hygiene goes a long way in improving your experience. If you have received braces or another immovable orthodontic appliance, Dr. Barry Sorenson offers professional dental cleaning tips.

Tooth decay can derail and delay your orthodontic treatment, which is why we encourage you to try some special cleaning tools if you are struggling to keep your teeth and orthodontic appliances clean.

To remove plaque and food particles from around your wires and brackets, we can recommend an interdental brush, which has a small, angled brush head that clean the tight places that a regular toothbrush can’t. For example, food particles tend to accumulate in the bands and spacers, which traditional toothbrushes are too big to access.

Another tooth you may want to tray is a floss threader, which is helpful for patients who struggle to floss around their wires and gum line. This tool is loaded with waxed dental floss, and you insert the floss into your mouth to clean around the wires and between the teeth.

If you have questions about proper oral hygiene for braces in Salina, Utah, contact Salina Creek Dental at 435-529-1000 today and arrange a meeting with our friendly dentist.