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Although we often are made aware of unhealthy foods to eat and other unhealthy drinks that can slowly destroy our smile. Several substances within foods and drinks we consume can cause oral accidents or injuries to arise, and in many cases, even slowly wear away your tooth enamel. However, it is also important to be aware of which foods are healthy to eat and which minerals can even help strengthen your tooth enamel. Here are some tips about healthy and unhealthy foods in your diet:

– Avoid overly acidic products that are known to be unhealthy for your teeth. Unhealthy substances include sour sweets, sugary treats, and sticky and chewy snacks. All of these products are unhealthy as they can lead to an increase in oral ailments.

– Be aware that hard candies and other hard products can easily chip and crack your teeth. Exercise caution by eliminating them from your diet or sidestepping the need to bite into them at any point in time.

– Be aware that substances and debris that can easily get lost between teeth are known risk factors for your smile.

– Focus on products that are known saliva producers, such as those with a high water content and are crunchy.

– Enamel-building products that are healthy to eat are those that are high in the minerals calcium and phosphorus. These minerals are known for helping strengthen your tooth enamel and protect your teeth.

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