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Chronic dry mouth can come from many sources. It often is the side effect of a medication. It can come from too much tobacco or alcohol. It can be a symptom of a disease. Those are just a few of the causes. The results of dry mouth, however, can be rather serious for your mouth as well. You may develop cavities, infection, bad breath and even gum disease. If you aren’t able to permanently cease the habit that may be the cause of your dry mouth, you’ll want to find ways to temporarily treat it. A great solution is to obtain a saliva substitute.

Artificial saliva is not a perfect match for the kind that your body makes, but it does do a lovely job at temporarily relieving dry mouth symptoms. Saliva substitute products are available over-the-counter as a spray, a rinse, a gel or lozenges. They are sometimes difficult to find in local drugstores, so ask your pharmacist or order them online.

You may want to try a few different kinds of saliva substitutes before you find what you like best. Be sure to read the directions on the packaging and follow any advice that your doctor may have. It’s important not to eat or drink for at least 15 minutes after use to allow the saliva to do its job of cleaning and providing nourishment to your mouth.

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